In the presence of Derbal Yarragan

View through chapel window

View from the chapel (Photo: Gina Price)

Yearly Meeting 2012 will be held  overlooking Derbal Yarragan (The  Swan River Estuary) at Christchurch  Grammar School from Saturday 7 to  Saturday 14 January 2012.

We will be using different buildings  within the school to those used for Yearly  Meeting (YM) 2005.

The main sessions will be held in the  Chapel which is perched on a limestone  cliff overlooking the river, much like the  osprey nest a short way around the bay.  Located near the chapel, the preparatory  school building will house the children’s  program and other aspects of Yearly  Meeting and includes a wonderful  playground beneath a tall white gum.  With the accommodation and dining  hall also nearby the gathering will be well  contained.

The theme of the summer school  program, ‘What does love require of  us?’, will be embraced through five or six  offerings from within WARM and others  from the wider YM community. We will  be offering an Arts day on Friday 6 Jan as  an optional extra day (for those who feel  that Yearly Meeting is not long enough,  or does not have enough opportunities  for the worshipful activity of celebrating  beauty through artistic expression of  different kinds!).

The JYF and children’s program will  have a foundation of Quaker Basics  with lots of hands-on activities and the  JYF’s will spend three nights away at  Camp Woody in Stoneville. There will  also be opportunities for family friendly/ intergenerational activities.

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