Who Is My Friend?

by | 6 Dec, 2020

(in the manner of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3)

 Does he unburden to me all his woes?
Does she sparkle when I enter the room?

Does he drape me with light?
Does she air-kiss my cheek?

Does his tail wag when I speak?
Does she bellow at my dry-spell bucket?

Does he phone me when I’m down?
Does she praise me when I’m up?

Does he answer my plea, ‘God save us!’
Does she answer my cry, ‘Jesus Christ!’

Does he call me through the eyes of my children?
Does she whisper through the eyes of my mother?

Does he tend my wounds and cleanse me?
Does she show me the righteous way?

Does he speak to me through silence?
Does she tell me as in dreams?

Does he forgive my cowardly lies?
Does she live the power of truth?

Does he teach with fiery back-burn?
Does she comfort a long drought survivor?

Does he grant me another man’s thoughts?
Does she grant me the thoughts of a woman?

Does he give me a meaning to life?
Does she give me a meaning to death?

My Friend beckons through his tinnitus of nothing, the cool wafting of leaves.
My Friend raises her cupped hands cloyed by the sweaty smell of compost.

peter burton, Queensland Regional Meeting

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