QSA Notes: people, places & projects

Under the watchful eye of Josephine  Kizza, the trainers at St Jude Organic  Farming Centre in Uganda continue to  help rural communities to achieve greater  food and water security.

For Monica Ssenkindu, a 42-year-old  widow with a large family of nine to  support, this training has made a huge  difference to her situation. In just two  seasons Monica has been able to raise  enough money to move out of a grass  thatched, mud and wattle house to a  simple but permanent house. She has  started a poultry farm and now has over  500 laying birds, and from a half-acre plot  of land, she raised nearly $450 in January  and February from excess passion fruit.  Before accessing this support, she grew  traditional crops of bananas, cassava and  sweet potatoes yet despite all her efforts,  the yields were not even enough to provide  two meals per day for her family or earn  enough for the basics such as paraffin and  salt.

Would you like to meet some of  the amazing people in Uganda such as  Josephine and Monica? Then think about  joining QSA’s next study tour to Uganda,  leaving in late April 2012 (just a few days  after the FWCC World Conference in  nearby Kenya).

If you would like to be kept informed of the plans  for the study tour as they unfold, please let Jackie  Perkins know (administration@qsa.org.au or 119  Devonshire Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010).

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