James Backhouse

This we can do: Quaker faith in action through the Alternatives to Violence Project

Quakers have had a big influence on the AVP from its beginning in 1975. This is consistent with their emphasis on seeking “that of God in everyone” and their commitment to find nonviolent ways to respond to conflict. In this lecture, drawing on long experience, Sally outlines the remarkable development of AVP within prisons, schools and community groups and its spread to about 60 countries. In true AVP style there will be moments of audience interaction. The philosophy and processes used in AVP workshops will be explained in a way that makes it clear why this approach has changed many lives and helped build more peaceful communities.

Sally Herzfeld

The James Backhouse Lecture 2015

will be delivered by Sally Herzfeld (WARM)
and a small team of AVP facilitators

at Yearly Meeting 2015
on Monday 5 January, at 7:30pm
in the auditorium of St Hilda’s College, University of Melbourne
All welcome

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