Silver Wattle Quaker Centre

A Retreat and Conference Centre

Silver Wattle and Lake George (Weereewa) from the hill

Calls upon the diversity of gifts which have been given to each of us.
This special property has risen out of the needs around and
within us. Let’s embrace the opportunities it offers to enrich the
lives of Silver Wattle’s guests and ourselves.
Our hope is that this invitation will reach those who feel they have

 a gift for reaching out to guests.
 those who can share freely from what they have gained
 whose gift is one of discernment, and an ability to share
both empathy and rapport with others.
 who are prompted to share spiritual truths.

If your gifts are more in the practical sphere, you may be
prompted to serve as a guide to Silver Wattle ‘s premises and garden
 for transport
 hospitality to guests
 catering
 kitchen or laundry needs
 gardening and orchard tasks
 poultry care

Silver Wattle  plays an important part in the spiritual life of our Australian Quaker community
Be part of this exciting endeavour.

Contact: Helen Bayes

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