Spirit of Equality

A rare commodity
Can you find it?
The answer is nearby.
It’s measured in time
You have for each other
When you see eye to eye.

Forget about money
Forget about fame
Treasure the moments
Fleeting or long
When you see eye to eye.

It may be someone you hold in awe
Is travelling close by
Exchanges are made with a smile
As you look them in the eye.

You remember the smile
You remember the day
The presence was so real
The moment was there

Treasured forever
When you looked them in the eye.

  David Evans, South Australia and Northern Territory Regional Meeting





Prayer of the Non-violent Resistors

O God, loyal to your deepest calling,
we abandon all intention of harming
anyone, even those who attack us and plan
our death. May you fortify us and hearten;
may we not faint or falter.
May our example inspire those who come after,
may you take us into your care.


Reg Naulty,Canberra Regional Meeting.

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