Book review by Topsy Evans, South Australia Regional Meeting

Quaker Origins,  Worship and Identity: Reflections from Kenya by Donald Thomas (Hill of Vision Pamphlet 3, Kaimosi Friends Press, 40pp)

Donald Thomas is a British Friend who  has spent much of his life in Kenya.

He has written an excellent  summary of Quaker practice, both of  the unprogammed variety and also  from the programmed branch of the  Society as found in Kenya. It begins  with a short chapter on Quaker Origins,  and moves on to examine the different  forms of worship as practised today.  The third and fourth chapters are on  Christian Quaker Identity and finally,  A Way Forward for Friends Today.

Donald Thomas is an excellent,  clear writer who is able to express well  known ideas in a refreshing way.

Copies are available from the  author in Kenya, at dbtrat(at)  or closer to home, the FWCCAWPS  Treasurer, PO Box 181, Glen Osmond  SA 5064 for $3 plus $1.20 postage.

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