Food garden in Kampong Thom

Checking out the food gardens in Kampong Thom

QSA Notes: people, places and projects

Fourteen intrepid Friends joined  Margaret Bywater of Tasmania Regional  Meeting, who works in Cambodia, and  QSA’s Jackie Perkins on a study tour to visit  the QSA and AusAID funded programs  in Cambodia. It was a great opportunity  to see for themselves what work is being  carried out with your funding. Their  comments speak for themselves –

talking to real people, seeing aid in  action’; ‘I know and understand more  about the way that QSA operates’; ‘It was  an amazing journey’; ‘Wonderful to see  what a difference it can make in people’s  lives’; ‘I’ve always been a supporter of  development aid but have never seen it  in action before’; ‘Good to see the practical  reality….[of] what a difference it makes  where people are so poor to be able to  generate even a small income.

The tour visited all of QSA’s partners  as well as tourist areas of Phnom Penh  and Siem Rep to visit Angkor Wat. We  saw our lunch of fresh fish being caught,  weaving of silk and cotton into scarves  and garments, cane and special grass  woven into mats, listened to traditional  music and watched traditional dancing  though for many of us this was difficult  to emulate.

We saw very productive food gardens,  stone carvings, wood turning and furniture  making, art and photography, amazing  architecture and learned more about the  troubled past of this country. There will  be more details coming soon to QSA’s  website ( and via displays  and presentations during Yearly Meeting  2012.

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