Grace Verity, West Australia Regional Meeting

I pray back to front:
Not black mass or anything of that sort,
Simply wrong way round.

I say: Please help me God, or
Be near me God, or
Whatever it is I ask
As if God is not doing these things.

Yet, is God ever not near me? Not
Helping me? Not
All-embracing? All-loving? All-radiant?
Eternal, creative Source? Not there??

Do I think I can turn God on and off with my prayer
Like a light bulb??

God is always with me. Always.
It is I who turn away,
Busy my attention elsewhere…
God is constant, shining Presence, and from this glory I hide my face…

I need to pray right way, to stand up tall and straight:
Oh God who is always showering me with light, help me be open to Your love.
Dearest, deepest, sweetest Self, let me be willing to turn off
my constant inner noise,
and listen to that still, small voice within.

Let me have the courage to hear what is always being sung.

This to You I pray: that I allow myself to be me—truly, madly, deeply.
And within me then, of course, I find You.

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