Kerry O’Regan for the YM 2017 Organising Committee

The Yearly Meeting site is located beside the sea at West Beach

This YM will be held at the Adelaide Shores Resort. The venue is quite different from our more common venues, which have tended to be educational institutions of one kind or another. This place has a totally different kind of feel to it, which should engender its own unique flavour into the YM experience.

The resort is situated right on the foreshore at West Beach. The grounds are extensive and there is a good sense of space, with the accommodation bungalows being dotted over the site, which has all the regular facilities one might expect at a family-style beachside holiday resort.

We expect that most people will be accommodated on site, though of course Friends may prefer to make their own alternative arrangements. This could include the Adelaide Shores Caravan Park which is adjacent to the resort. Each on-site bungalow at the resort contains a well-appointed kitchen, so Friends can opt to be fully self-catering if they so choose. A light lunch and a vegetarian dinner will be available to those wanting to take those options.

On-site accommodation will be in the resort bungalows

Meetings of the whole group will be held in a common area called the Sea Squadron building. This has a view of the sea and is a short walk from the bungalows, up a paved path. Small group sessions (such as Winter School and Share and Tell) will be held in the bungalows, the living areas of which accommodate 12-15 people. Winter School is on the theme of What Does Love Require of Us? And those interested in leading a Winter School group are asked to contact Kerry O’Regan as soon as possible, so the program can be finalised.

The spacious grounds include a children’s playground and the site’s proximity to the sea means that a range of activities, planned and otherwise, can spill on to the beach.  There will be the usual Junior Young Friends camp. This will be held in at the Mylor Baptist Camp in the Adelaide Hills. This is a beautiful location with a range of facilities and activities available.

The Backhouse Lecture, to be delivered this year by our Friend David Carline, will be held at the Westward Ho Golf Club, which is just opposite the resort, but which offers a larger lecture space than is available on site. The evening meals will also be served at the golf club.

The paved path up to the large meeting room

While much of our time will be occupied with the discernment of issues to be dealt with, we are also planning to offer excursions to some uniquely Adelaide locations as well. These may include the historic meeting house at North Adelaide, the Quaker burial ground, the Quaker shop, the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre, and historic Quaker sites in the Adelaide Hills.

Adelaide Shores Resort is a 20 minute bus trip from Adelaide Airport and a 40 minute ride from the city centre. There is ample parking available for those travelling by car and there are nearby shops for those needing to purchase provisions. Free wi-fi is available throughout the site.

While the nature of the site may ask some flexibility of those attending, it also offers the opportunity to experience a pleasant sojourn by the sea, with the additional magic of being able to watch the sun set into the ocean every evening. We look forward to sharing that magic with you.

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