Grace Verity, Western  Australia Regional Meeting.


My path—

The one true path—

Unrolls beside me

One step at a time

From colourful scraps of wool.

I often know where it is going,

And head straight there,

To save myself time,

And humility.

I lose the path.

It takes a long time to find it again.

I need to become smaller than I was,


Then, again, it appears by my side,

Where it always was.

(Perhaps I need to look down more?)

I follow it with renewed faith,

Like a dog receiving training at heel,

Not planning my own way,

Simply alert to follow

the Presence beside me.

The path unfurls more quickly now

And I pass up opportunities to shortcut

Where I think it is heading,

And cleverly, though without cleverness,

do not get lost when

it does not go there at all.

It is like a light,

This path,

One step at a time

Closer to revealing

The mystery.

It is assisted by my putting aside

All my forecasts, all my grabbing

Of certainty, which

Turn to ash in my hand.

But the light,

Simply allowed, and followed

Leads me where I need to go.

That unexpected, marvellous place

I have wanted to go all along.

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