‘Our life is love and peace and tenderness’: Bringing children into the centre of Quaker life and worship

 We are facing a time of great change and Quakers are called to respond to the impending crisis. But we are unable to act with strength because our worshipping community is fractured along generational lines.   This lecture looks to the Quaker tradition of spiritual activism to argue that we need children and young people to help us prepare for the difficult time ahead.  Children carry the energy of new life and reveal the greatest gift of the Spirit: Love.

Tracy Bourne

Tracy Bourne
Photo by Aldona Kmiec

The James Backhouse Lecture 2014

will be delivered by Tracy Bourne (VRM)

at Yearly Meeting 2014

on Monday, 6 January, at 7.30pm

at the Multi Faith Centre, Griffith University, Nathan campus, Brisbane.

All welcome.



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