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The FWCC web-site tells us:

The FWCC World Plenary Meeting (the International Representatives Meeting of FWCC, formerly called the FWCC Triennial when it was held every three years), is a meeting for representatives from all four FWCC Sections to tend to FWCC business, and is surrounded by worship and fellowship with Friends from around the world. All Yearly Meetings and other bodies that are affiliated with FWCC are invited to send representatives.

In business session, the international representatives and all who are present will consider decisions made on FWCC’s behalf by the Central Executive Committee (CEC) since the last International Representatives Meeting at the World Conference in Kenya in 2012. The World Plenary Meeting will include consultations on issues affecting Friends in the next 20 years, leading up to FWCC’s 100th anniversary in 2037.  With a primary focus on youth, Friends will consider: developing leadership and a living ministry to strengthen the Religious Society of Friends; encouraging membership and religious formation to strengthen our worshipping communities; addressing governance and meeting requirements for FWCC; and furthering the Kabarak Call for Peace and Eco-Justice and considering how we contribute to a peaceful and sustainable life on Earth.

Time is also set aside for the four FWCC Sections to meet.

While the business is essential, it is not the main focus of the gathering. The wide range of Friends attending, both geographically and theologically, will ensure that the world family of Friends is well represented. This gives those attending the opportunity for dialogue with Friends from other traditions, and a chance to form connections and partnerships. In home groups and workshops, in conversations over meals and in corridors, and through other encounters, Friends will have the opportunity to get to know one another in the things that are eternal. Inspiring speakers will bring the theme, Living the transformation: Creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the children of God (Romans 8:19), to life in morning worship sessions, and there will be many opportunities to explore what it means to be a member of the worldwide Religious Society of Friends and to discover how we are called to transformation in our lives and for the world.

This is sure to be an inspiring and fulfilling event for those who attend. If you have not been selected as a Representative of your Yearly Meeting or other organisation, you are invited to apply for an open place. Friends attending on an open place are full participants in the Plenary Meeting, and we welcome the gifts they bring.

We look forward to seeing you in Pisac, in the Peruvian mountains,  next January.


Marion Sullivan suggests the following way in which Friends can become involved with and support the Plenary Session:

· Hold the gathering and the representatives attending it in the Light.

· Hold an information session for your Meeting about FWCC and the Plenary Session.

· Obtain the study booklet and set up groups to consider it.

· Link in to the various internet media mechanisms which will be broadcast during the Session.

· Invite one of the representatives or observers to come and share their experience with your Meeting after the Plenary Session.

· Donate: Australia Year Meeting has a fund to provide financial support to a Young Friend to attend such gatherings.  We also give money to the Asia West Pacific Section to help Friends from less affluent Meetings to participate.  Our YM Treasurer, Roger Sawkins, can provide details.

· This is the first FWCC World Gathering to be held in South America and our South American Friends are not wealthy.  They will be grateful for any financial assistance offered them.

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