Jan de Voogd, New South Wales Regional Meeting

In 1658 George Fox said “Be still and cool in thy own mind and spirit from thy own thoughts, and then thou will feel the principle of God turn thy mind to the Lord God”.

Yes, we probably are all aware that we need to stop our over active minds to reach “the inner Light”.  We need to pause before we can really
be open to Christ’s promise of the “Spirit of truth”.  Here I will quote from the Gospel of John XV 15-17 ( the J.B. Phillips translation )

“If you really love me,  … I shall ask the Father to give you someone else to stand by you, to be with you always. I mean the Spirit of Truth, whom the world cannot accept, for it can neither see nor recognise that Spirit.  But you recognise him, for he is with you now and will be in your hearts.”

I have a profound awareness that “the Dimensions of Life” are much greater when I am open to the “promptings of love and truth in my heart”.  When I am open to being led by the Spirit I feel blessed and know that guardian angels are looking after me.  Messages may come from “the other side” by those “they say” have passed on. These experiences  make me feel that the Spirit may transcend death. As I begin to follow the leadings of the Spirit I am opened up to the needs of God’s children and his planet.

Here is a section of a letter Susannah Brindle sent me in November 2012 in which she illustrates some of the dimensions of Life. Yes!  There are many dimensions to Life.

Thank you for contacting dear David Carline.  He was one of the earliest to phone me on the last of his mobile and to begin the flow of love and prayer that upholds me now.  I have never felt so filled with love as I am now – as if a faucet of this has been left on and all I can do is receive and overflow with it myself.

Dying is wondrously beautiful.  I feel so happy, so full of peace and joy.  Dying has brought me untold miracles of reconciliation, laughter, an extraordinary ability to prioritise and be creative…

I don’t know how long my physical life will endure, (but I’ve never known a second of grief, fear, or sadness).  You write that you hope we will meet again on the other side.  My dear Friend we are on the other side right now for there are no sides.  Just as the amount of colour we see is not the full Spectrum of Light by any stretch of the imagination, so the period we think of as Life (from birth to death) is by no means all of Life.  Dimensions upon dimensions make up our physical and non-physical life,—not in a linear fashion, not in order to teach us lessons, not even so that we can be “better people”- but rather so that we, with all that we call “good” and “bad”, can grow Life into greater and greater glory.  Those we have felt we have had to hate (our Hitlers, Stalins, Pol Pots etc.) have held energies for us to learn how to respond to.  They have given us so much.  Do you remember how Mother Julian of Norwich assured us that “Sin is behovely” because it brings us closer home to God?  I don’t believe we are EVER separated from “God”-or as I like to refer to it – from Life.  With every breath we are in God, in Life, and who is it but the plant kingdom that does this for us? —-

I am hoping to live long enough and travel far enough to be at the birth of my next grandchild.  I am having a lovely time concocting my own funeral for which I shall be priest!  All is so well.  Lots of love to you.  We are together in the “Dimensions of Life”


Death cannot conquer.
God teaches us ever that love is supreme,
Good people do not die.Their lives are as the tearing of the veil,they show us something of that which is eternal. . .

John Wilhelm Rowntree,  1905

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