Letter from AYM Thanksgiving Fund, under care of Tasmania Regional Meeting

A large number of recent applications for financial support from the Australia Yearly Meeting Thanksgiving Fund has meant that the amount remaining the Current Account is rapidly approaching exhaustion.

At Mid-Year Standing Committee the view was expressed that many Members and Attenders have little or no knowledge of the Fund, how it is maintained and the ways in which they can contribute.

The Thanksgiving Fund was set up in July 1979 by a Minute of Mid-Year Standing Committee. It was established to provide an opportunity for Friends and others to mark their thankfulness for either a special occasion, such as a birth or anniversary, or for the contribution made to the world by a much-loved person.

The original idea was that amounts could be used to forward individual Concerns, that could not otherwise be implemented.

The important basis has always been that each Concern is tested in correct Quaker procedure, through the offices of local and Regional Meetings, and that Meeting holds the Concern within its care.

In order for the Thanksgiving Fund to continue its work, there is a need for individual donations, on a single or ongoing basis. Friends are also encouraged to consider the possibility of adding to the Fund by way of a bequest.

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