David Evans, South Australia and Northern Territory Regional Meeting

They say we will have 10 billion or more
traipsing over the earth,
high-rise housing in cities tall
where office work is done.

Is there room to journey the land,
revive the spirit and mind
feel the wind,  love the earth,
sunshine, and the rain?

Smog lies over the cities
refuse clogs the streams,
the oceans collect the litter,
no longer are they clean.

The sun sends energy a thousand times o’er
the needs of human kind:
it starts off clean let’s keep it clean
to serve each soul and mind.

Work to be done to sustain us allDavid Evans
is to dispose of our litter and mess
in a way that is safe, in a way that is clean:
cooperative success.

The missing link spelt in one word
backed by love and concern,
a simple word, a word of care
that simple word is – share.

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