Jean Talbot, New South Wales Regional Meeting and others.


Afternoon sunshine:
Brown, green, brown, blue, brown again
are the lake floor’s stripes.

Later, as the sun goes down,
a shadow creeps over it all.
Morning sunshine,
suffusing gold into morning mists:
Weereewa awakes.

Startled crimson rosellas
launch skywards as doors open.

Melodious bird
rich cacophonous chorus:
butcher or magpie?

My adult self wants to know
but my inner child cares not.
We come to a close:

sun sinks down behind the scarp.
Birds choose their places.

This Renga (linked verse poem) was written by participants in the writing course with Jean Talbot and Mark MacLeod held at Silver Wattle in October 2011.

At the Elm Tree: (a Sequence of Haiku and Tanka)

Wagtail song threads
through twigs and branches,
clear, sharp, sweet.

Back-lit by sundown
elm branches stretch a curtain of lace,
tea-coloured seeds:
how they float down
and cover the fields.

Seeds, mini fried eggs
thin and crisped,

Time for the parrots
to glide down from the tree
nto their grass forests.

Hard on my backside
this log has endured
more hardness than I have.

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