This is our regular feature in which we briefly record interesting publications and websites that have come to our attention. Inclusion of an item in this format does not preclude a possible longer review in a later issue. We welcome suggestions for inclusion. “The Australian Wind Alliance is a community-based advocacy group of farmers, wind workers, small businesses and community supporters. The Alliance shares a common vision of harnessing Australia’s world-class wind resources to power homes, cities and industries with clean renewable power. The Alliance commenced in October 2012 in Victoria and began moving to work with other States in April 2014.” The website also provides background information. What you can do: Visit these websites, read what they are about and you can still sign the petition to protect the Renewable Energy Target. Our Friend Andrew Bray from Ballerat Recognised Meeting works for the Wind Alliance. You can send him an email to support him in his work as the current political environment is tough for renewable energy.“The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change is a multi-faith network taking action on the most pressing issue of our time. In the face of ecological damage and social injustices, we affirm our love for this planet and its inhabitants and our deep reverence for life.” ARRCC encourages individual action such as eating less meat and organises vegetarian cooking classes, joins with others in advocacy and provides information about divesting from financial institutions that invest your money in fossil fuel companies. ARRCC is based in Sydney and is setting up branches in other States. AYM, NSWRM and individual Quakers have become members of ARRCC recently. Our logo is not on the interesting members’ page as yet. What you can do: Visit the website and read about and be inspired by their multi-faith membership and actions. You can become a “regular” member or a “passionate” member. Since its launch in early 2012, has quickly emerged as Australia’s best informed and most read web-site focusing on clean energy news and analysis, as well as climate policy. It is read widely among the industry and policy-makers, and others with a strong interest in the transition to a low carbon economy. It has a strong international readership because it also focuses on global trends.” It is an excellent website to keep up-to-date with the rapidly changing developments in clean energy, climate change policy and associated topics. It has a lot of ‘good news’ stories of what is happening around the world with new articles every day. What you can do: This website is the best tonic if you are getting disheartened by the current policy debates about renewable energy and the influence of the fossil fuel lobby. Tell people about this website and together we can lift the knowledge base about what is happening around the world that might not be reported in the main stream media. Final Anzac Day address by Peter Underwood, Governor of Tasmania, 25 April 2014. Honest History promotes balanced consideration of Australian history, by making contesting, evidence-based interpretations available to students, teachers, universities, journalists and the public. They challenge the misuse of history in the service of political or other agendas. Honest History is a forum and resource that welcomes contributions from Quakers. The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) aims to achieve a more just and equal world, free of war and violence, where everyone has the full benefit of human rights. WILPF ACT is collecting ideas for a Peace Walk, to be submitted to the National Capital Authority, involving all the peace sites in Canberra (similar to walks involving the war memorials in Anzac Parade in Canberra). The creation and development of recognition of the peace builders, of conscientious objectors and their courage. Queensland WILPF presents annual Peacewomen Awards; WILPF ACT Words for Peace project for school students culminates in a public presentation ceremony.

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