This is our regular feature in which we briefly record interesting publications and websites that have come to our attention. Inclusion of an item in this format does not preclude a possible longer review in a later issue. We welcome suggestions for inclusion.

Registering for Yearly Meeting

Michael Searle, Membership Secretary, reports: “I’m very pleased to tell you that the YM2016 registration system is up and live. Friends can now register for YM2016”.

The URL is

Friends who eschew computers should approach an internet-savvy f/Friend for assistance in registering.

Website for asylum seeker action

Jill and David Parris, Attenders at Northern Suburbs Local Meeting in Melbourne, have put their concern for asylum seekers into action by creating a group named “Fulcrum.”

Fulcrum is a single-issue pressure group that seeks to persuade voters in the upcoming and subsequent elections to vote for candidates according to their views on refugee and Asylum Seeker policies. Candidates will be ranked according to their answers to questions ranging from the detention of children to the United Nations 1951 Refugee Convention.

Details can be found on their website

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