Heather Herbert of Canberra Regional Meeting has sent us some background notes to her Winter School A spirituality for the 21st Century. She says:

“I’ll be 90 later this year.  I’ve been nourished all my life by some spiritual experiences I had as a small child and some later; and by those I’ve heard or read of from others equally fortunate.

“Some of this awareness has been involved in the founding of every religion and every denomination and version of each – affected always by the culture, experience and understanding of the recipients, and to a degree, it seems, by the level of the sender on the Other Side.

“Our Quaker fore-fathers and -mothers had this sense of Godness as ‘the Ground of our Being’; and hence deep within us as within everything else.  They encourage us to be open to the Light from both without and within.

“A group of mystics and psychics in the Friends’ General Conference in the U.S. produce a quarterly, What Canst Thou Say?,   each edition around a different topic, which is beautifully nourishing too.

“Maybe the mystics and psychics and any others interested among us could ally ourselves with that group.”

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