By Wies Schuiringa, New South Wales Regional Meeting

This issue of The Australian Friend  will appear experimentally on  the web. You won’t find it using a  search engine (even Google doesn’t know  about it yet) but type ‘http://olaf.yerin. info’ into your web browser to preview the  general layout and look proposed for The  Australian Friend next year; though not all  features are there yet.

Publishing on the web offers a way  forward to continue our 130 year-old  tradition of publishing grounded in Quaker  values, testimonies and practice while  opening The Australian Friend to extended  content, new features and wider readership.

Web publication is a way to keep The  Australian Friend alive because we can use  many volunteers across Australia to lighten  the work load, and we can reduce costs. Our  content will not be limited by a fixed number  of pages and we can include colour photos,  video clips and sound bites. Readers will be  able to print or save articles, and share them  by email or Facebook.

We are planning a new section in The  Australian Friend called Quaker Voice,  which will publish news and commentary  by Quakers and Quaker-minded people  around the world, who may be in trouble  spots and who have a different perspective  on world events from the tabloid media. We  have potential correspondents from places  such as Myanmar, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan  and elsewhere, who are keen to publish a  Quaker perspective on events where they  live. We hope that Quaker Voice will attract a  diverse international readership, and become  a powerful outreach for Quakers.

Because time is of the essence in news  and commentary, we plan to publish articles  for Quaker Voice as they receive editorial  approval. The Australian Friend on the Web  will be a public expression of our testimonies,  including integrity, truth and simplicity.  All contributions to The Australian Friend  and Quaker Voice will be edited to ensure  we maintain the high quality and ethical  content that The Australian Friend has  provided in the past.

Comments and discussion will be  automatically screened to exclude spam and  strictly moderated according to published  guidelines.

In January 2012 Yearly Meeting will  consider a proposal to continue publishing  The Australian Friend on the web. If approved,  each reader may choose to read articles on  the website, receive them by email, or print  articles to take and read. Friends without  good internet access may request a printed  magazine.

Many hands make light work. Friends  of The Australian Friend hope to share the  production of The Australian Friend Online  among many volunteers, and to buddy-up  volunteers to share roles. Wherever you live,  you can participate in editing, proof reading,  IT support, multi-media support, writing,  photography, poetry, film-making and so  on.

To volunteer or ask for further information either  join the Friends of The Australian Friend email list  with a request to au.ianhughes(at) or  contact: Wies Schuiringa email wiesschuiringa(at) or phone 02 98082227.

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