Julie Webb's Mandala for AF


While on a week-long silent retreat, I gradually opened myself to possibilities. One morning I woke with the feeling that I would make a mandala. While I created it with a sense of purpose, I did not know what the outcome would be. As I worked towards the centre of the mandala it became symbolic of my journey for the week. I chose to make the mandala in an open but quiet space  and I felt nurtured by the people around me as they went about the business of the Meeting for Learning Retreat.  Julie Webb



 Mandala, MfL, 2012 Bee Beeby

I drew the mandala on the silent day at Meeting for Learning, and it symbolises the group and connections between each other, as well as light within darkness and space for silence and stillness. The leaves represent nature as a source of spiritual nurture and nourishment. Bee Beeby

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