David Purnell, Canberra Regional Meeting.

Plans are well in hand for the holding of Yearly Meeting in Canberra from Saturday 5th to Saturday 12th January 2013.

The venue is the University of Canberra in Belconnen. Canberra Friends look forward to hosting Friends during the week. The timetable and program are in Documents in Advance, available from RM Clerks.

Registrations to date indicate that this will be a large gathering. You are encouraged to register as soon as possible if you have not done so – go to www.quakers.org.au and follow the links. There is still some accommodation space available at Arscott House, and some billeting may be possible.

The full list of Summer School options is shown below,the registration process will allow you to indicate your preferences:

1.  Open space workshop on the transition to a peaceful and sustainable Australia (facilitated by John Michaelis and Vidya).

2.  Structured workshop on the transition to a peaceful and sustainable Australia (facilitated by Christine Larkin and Jill Sutton).

3.  Ecological footprint  Meeting Houses and personal (facilitated by Bob Douglas).

4.  Vision artwork for Vision document (facilitated by Canberra Creative Group).

5.  Calling all Elders (facilitated by Drew Thomas and Sally Kingsland).

6.  Contemplative ‘retreat’ on the theme (facilitated by Wilma Davidson).

7.  Revisiting Non-Violent Communication (facilitated by Dorothy Broom).

8.  Our Coming Wisdom: Why We Need Powerful New Ideas to Achieve a Peaceful and Sustainable World (facilitated by Ken Hird).

9.  Narrative Crewel Embroidery: Friends in Stitches (facilitated by Cathy Davies and Tessa Spratt).

10. Peace Initiatives for a Sustainable Australia (facilitated by Harold Wilkinson).

In relation to option 6, Wilma Davidson has provided this extra information:

This session will be held off-campus to provide undisturbed space and quiet. Tea and coffee will be provided and lunch catered for. This will be a day of silent meditation and reflection, with the opportunity to spend the day in silence with the Spirit. Art and reading materials will be provided and you will be free to bring your own. There are also walking paths in easy access to the venue. Much care will be taken to ensure you have an opportunity to connect in silence with the Spirit. The day will close with worship sharing.

Meeting Place
The main sessions of Yearly Meeting will be held in Building 2 on the University of Canberra campus. Please be careful not to confuse this with the Ann Harding Conference Centre which is Building 24.

Special Events
The Backhouse Lecture will be given at 7.30pm on Monday 7 January by Jocelyn Bell Burnell on the theme ‘A Quaker Astronomer Reflects’. Jocelyn is an astrophysicist of international repute, and has also served Quakers as Clerk of Britain Yearly Meeting and Clerk of the Friends World Committee Executive Committee. This is a public lecture.
On the evening Tuesday 8 January there will be a session about the Centenary of Canberra. On Wednesday 9 January there will be free time in the afternoon for outings to local places of interest. These will include a visit to Silver Wattle Quaker Centre, and to the renovated Canberra Meeting House. There is likely also to be a peace witness at the Defence Centre near Bungendore. Details of all options will be given at the time and participants can choose then. There will be bus timetables and car rosters, as well as bikes.

Younger Friends
There will be separate programs for the children and Junior Young Friends. Details will be advised directly to the children and parents upon registration. The JYFs will have a camp outside Canberra for part of the week.

Queries before YM can be directed to David Purnell  david.christine@iinet.net.au .

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