In our last issue we considered our Yearly Meeting, a time when Friends come together to strengthen their spiritual bonds and to ask how the Truth is prospering amongst us. In this issue we look at how Friends go out into the world to live our testimonies.

Wies Schuiringa writes about her trip to Rome to attend a conference on xenophobia, racism and nationalism in the context of global migration. This is a matter of particular concern to Australian Friends, at a time when our country vacillates between compassion for and fear of refugees. Quaker Service Australia has started a new area of service, supporting programs for refugees stranded in Malaysia.

At the 2018 Yearly Meeting Sejin Pak shared his concern for peace on the Korean peninsula, and as a result a group of 12 Friends and friends of Friends visited North Korea. A large part of this issue is devoted to Sejin’s article explaining his concern, and accounts of the trip. Those Friends who made the trip are looking for ways to take this concern forward.

Meanwhile many Friends faithfully seek to live in the Light here at home. Our Friend Sally O’Wheel writes of her path to Friends and the meaning that the testimonies have in her life. Heather Saville tells of her work with the National Council of Churches and Act for Peace. And Friends continue to review books which have touched their lives.

We keep hearing that we live in a time of change, but our deepest concerns – Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Sustainability do not change. The challenge is to continue to incorporate these testimonies into our daily lives.

The North Korean study group en route

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