Following our Yearly Meeting we look inward to consider the state of the Society.  What are our strengths, what problems do we face, what are our main concerns?

We begin with the address delivered by Robin Sinclair at the meeting in Adelaide.  Robin looks at “the combination of spirituality and practicality” which is the essence of Quakerism, and the resulting tension between stillness and busyness.  Robin reminds us that our spiritual life is grounded in our meetings for worship, and Christine Venner-Westaway reminds us that this spiritual life should lead us to be “a presence and agent of difference in the world.”

True spirituality is not a matter of feeling good, but of doing good.

Many of the articles in this issue deal with the traditional concerns of Quakers – seeking peaceful solutions to world problems, seeking reconciliation with our indigenous peoples, helping to lift people out of poverty.  Then there is the progress of our Australian Quaker Tapestry which looks back to our history and presents it in a way that is accessible to modern Australians.

Other articles deal with issues of suffering, loss and death.  How do we interpret and make meaningful the harsher realities of life?

This issue contains the last of the “Know They Friend” articles coordinated and written by our Friend Pamela Leach.  We have appreciated the quality of the articles in this series, and feel that they are a valuable part of the Australian Friend.  Is there anyone who would like to take on the job of finding Friends with interesting stories to tell (there are many such!) and helping them to put their stories to paper?

In our next edition we would like to look outward – what have we to say to the world?  Do we still have a prophetic voice?  What canst thou say?

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