Our theme for this issue is Spiritual Journeys.  It is clear that Quakers find food for their spiritual journey from many sources:  from nature; from literature, art and architecture; from personal encounters; from Quaker worship, writings and tradition; from the Christian tradition and from the insights of other faiths.  Our Advices and Queries asks, “Are you open to new light, from whatever source it may come?”  The contributors to this issue show that openness.

Many writers tell us of physical journeys, and the insights which come from seeing new places and mixing with different people.  But the spiritual journey may take place even in the dementia ward or the prison cell.  Sometimes the journey leads to new understandings, sometimes it brings us back to old wisdom.

We are conscious of the fact that most of the articles in this issue are written by women.  We need our men to share their spiritual journeys too!

In our next issue we will be looking at issues arising at our Yearly Meeting.  But if the Yearly Meeting is a success it will be because the Truth has been prospering in our Regional and Local Meetings.  We look forward to receiving articles both from those who can attend the gathering, and those who could not.

The Australian Friend has been made aware that some Friends with poor eyesight would like a spoken version of the Friend.  We would like to hear of anyone who could benefit from a copy, and from anyone who has relevant skills to produce such a copy.


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