This edition of the Australian Friend comes from a new editorial panel, Mark Johnson having laid down this work.  We give heartfelt thanks to Mark who got the web-based Australian Friend off the ground while maintaining the editorial standard of the print-based version.  Without his energy and commitment we would not have a solid base on which to build.  The members of the new editorial panel are Garry Duncan, Rae Litting, Wies Schuiringa and David Swain.

Mark aimed to give the magazine a balance of heart and mind, with articles examining both our inner and outer lives.  We are trying to continue with this balance.  This time we had guest editors from the Meeting for Learning who have put together a number of articles on spiritual direction and enrichment.  There are also articles on the Fukushima power plant disaster in Japan, on the latest report of the International Panel on Climate Change, and on international rules for trade and investment in agriculture.

Our only concern is that our magazine may be over-solemn.  Is there anyone out there who can contribute a humorous article? As usual, send all articles to

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