David Evans, South Australian and Northern Territory Regional Meeting

Dame Naomi James was the first woman to sail solo around the globe, circumnavigating the world in a yacht by herself, putting together her love of sailing with her hope to achieve, and faith in her craft and her ability to cope. It seems to me the spiritual universe likewise is there to be discovered with opportunity and a zillion unknowns.

Extrasensory perception, promptings from within, forebodings of the future, Road of Damascus moments in time, and flashbacks as real as the day they happened, all defy objectivity and definition. The moments may give a “high”, but then, like the disciples coming down from the Mount of Olives, the need is to return to normality. Pragmatic practical existence is mandatory as we face current family and social issues.  Like Naomi James we need Love, Hope, and Faith.

But why is it all so hard?  Why is there no consensus about the best way forward?  Good people will make a poor system work and bad people will wreck a good system. Religious thought tells us the ocean of light will overcome the clouds of darkness. Perhaps this is where belief is centered. My credo is very similar to the Christmas Message. Work for peace with a spirit of goodwill.

 Currently residing in God’s Waiting Room aged 83 years, I continue to ask questions like I did when I was young.  Aged 6 years my father told of me asking “who made God”, and how apparently I was not satisfied with the answer. It is fun to speculate about beliefs even though it is so very personal.

What I presently believe is: there is understanding of everything that happens way beyond the possibility of human understanding. Reality is omnipresent, and even in dying moments a new incremental appreciation is possible. The idea of timelessness also keeps me wondering. Having my archives on i-Cloud is great. Could there be i-Thoughts hovering around?

Those we remember are only a thought away.




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