By Tessa Spratt, Victoria Regional Meeting.

Our position at YM this year was close to perfect. We had enough space to display the 3 framed completed panels and blu-tack onto the wall many samplers that Friends from all over Australia have embroidered in preparation for stitching a panel. We were also able to display photos of some of the embryonic panels.

The air conditioning was fortunately very efficient in that spot and many people on their way to or from a session stopped to enquire, admire or learn.

The message of the spirituality of our work is spreading. Several people this year were able to sit in sessions stitching and this was seen by many as what it is – a spiritually enhancing experience.Australian Narrative Crewel Embroidery IMGP0033 2

We were very honoured and pleased to have Ann Warren from Britain whose knowledge she freely shared with both the participants of our Summer School and those who dropped by our corner. Ann, who was Jocelyn Bell Burnell’s travelling companion, is very involved with the British Quaker Tapestry in Kendall and indeed has inspired her home town to make 10 panels depicting their millennium. Ann gave of her time unstintingly to the project and many people learnt from her.


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