Would you like to go on a Quaker study tour to

North Korea?

In 2018 Sejin Pak (SANTRM) led a group  on a one-week trip to North Korea.  Sejin is planning a return trip next year, if sufficient people are interested.

Sejin has a concern about peace in the Korean peninsular, and would like to introduce Quakers to this largely unknown country.

The cost of the trip is expected to be approximately $US2,500, plus air fares to a departure point in China.

A party of at least 12 is required.

Travel in North Korea is tightly controlled but safe.

For further information, visit the Australia North Korea Peace Support Group website or email CDPRK@quakersaustralia.info

The 2018 group (with minders) in Kim Il Sung Square.

Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, founders of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea









Young performers

Pyongyang cityscape

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