David Swain, New South Wales Regional Meeting. Words

It’s becoming more and more difficult to be an old-fashioned atheist.  In my salad days when I was green in theology, I knew what God was, and I could decide whether I believed in him or not. Now atheists seem to be divided into those who are best described as anti-theists, and those who call themselves nontheists.  Then on the Nontheist Quaker website somebody suggested that a better word might be meta-theist.  I expect we can now look forward to quasi-theist, neo-theist and crypto-theist.

The theologian Don Cupitt has introduced the concept of non-realism.  I think this means ‘I believe in God, but he’s not real.’  It’s all very confusing, really (or non-really).

Mathematically speaking, if you believe that monotheism is better than atheism, wouldn’t polytheism be even better?  Or perhaps we could have a compromise in sesquitheism, belief in one-and-a-half gods, or perhaps not?

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