Sue Parritt, Victoria Regional Meeting.


Born on this day in the season of new birthings

My tiny body whisked from womb warmth

Laid egg-like within an incubator

Unwashed unweighed a scrap of barely breathing life

Expected to arrive for summer’s glorious June


Beyond red-brick hospital’s green gardens

Church bells rang out the joy of resurrection

Lifted momentarily the drab grey veil

Of bomb blast rubble and empty silent homes

Still smothering those northern islands


Asleep in my unconventional crib

I could not hear clear voices soar in praise

Or oft-repeated peace prayers

Or an anxious grandmother’s whispered plea

‘May it please the Lord to take her’


Despite this inauspicious dawning

The Lord had four season plans for me

So sixty-two years on I reach another birthday

As autumn leaves blanket the sun-baked earth

Of this sea-wrapped southern continent


But today I am denied an Easter Sunday celebration

February’s added leap year hours

Have pushed my birth date into Monday

No matter every day is sacred in life’s calendar

Welcome as pealing bells on that post-war April morning

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