David Johnson, Queensland regional Meeting.


Dear God, help me to trust you at a new and deeper level,

Beyond the normal tendencies of my self interest.

That my work may be not feverish, nor my heart fretful.

For in you O Lord do I put my trust?

Let me never be ashamed,

Bow down your ear to me, and deliver me speedily.

For you are my strong rock and a fortress of safety

A handhold, to cling to, and a reliable anchor amidst the swirling and changeability of the world around me. You are always reliable and trustworthy.

Lead me and guide me for your own sake too, for I know you desire my love as I desire yours.

My inclinations are not necessarily what you want me to do,

And it is all too easy for me find myself in difficulty or pain,

where I become weak and confused.

Pull me out of any net that may entrap me,

For you are my strength,

And into your hand alone

I commit my spirit.

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