Woodbrooke’s Centre for Postgraduate Quaker Studies, in conjunction with one of the top dozen universities in the UK, Lancaster University, is now offering the first online postgraduate courses in Quakerism: a Postgraduate Certificate in Quaker Studies; and an MA in Quakerism in the Modern World.

These courses are unique as there will be no residential requirements for studying them, meaning that students from across the UK or anywhere in the world can register without having to worry about the practicalities of travelling elsewhere.

Both courses are designed to introduce students to theories, issues and processes connected with the history, theology and sociology of Quakerism in a global context. The programmes are especially relevant to those interested in Quaker theology and history; the adaptation of religious groups to new social and geographical settings; globalisation and religion; and secularisation.

On successful completion of the Postgraduate Certificate, students have the option of transferring to the MA in Quakerism in the Modern World. The MA is an excellent way to prepare for PhD research or for leadership in denominational settings.

The courses will be delivered online, beginning in October 2014. Based on distance learning pedagogical principles, they will employ a wide variety of online learning tools to enhance students’ learning experience.

The courses will be run by Ben Pink Dandelion, who looks after the Centre for Postgraduate Quaker Studies. Ben said

“This is a really exciting and significant development. This is the only online course in Quaker studies with no need to travel. We hope that we will have a global learning community with Friends and those interested in Quakerism from all over the world learning together.”

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