Good morning everyone, we’re going to read to you the 2013 Children’s Epistle. At the start of the week, we were just getting to know each other. We were practically hiding in the corners. Soon things started to warm up with the cooperative games such as getting into height order without talking. Maya was the tallest.

Early in the week we attended Summer School where we learnt about climate change and what life would be like in 2050. This is how we started to construct our cardboard cities from our brainstorms that were scattered all over the board. Lachlan was very into it. Many parents came and saw the city and made comments like ‘When can we move in?’ and ‘The houses are very recycled’, seeing as they were made of egg cartons.

People enjoyed playing games like table tennis and cricket. We played some card games like spit and solitaire. In the afternoon times we normally went outside and played a group game like cricket. Eli was very disappointed when we had to go inside.

During the week, Emily encouraged us to do many craft activities. We did papier-mache which Saskia got all over her shoes, and children at desk DSC_0232somehow Casey got it in her hair. We also wrapped sticks, made friendship bracelets, made masks and built a cubby house. Josh and Eli started a cubby outside with sticks, bark and dirt. They were very protective of it. It’s actually still outside if anyone still has a chance to see it. We also cooked chocolate crackles, pikelets and moulded chocolate on biscuits. Wyatt made a new creation which no one can explain.

As all of you may know, this week was HOT and I mean HOT! All of us were practically panting when we came in. It was Emily’s FANTASTIC idea to have a water celebration. That’s right, a water celebration, not a water fight! It was almost safe!

We also had lots of fun with a rocket which was demonstrated on Friday night. Everyone tried to catch it and I’m sure most of the boys, especially Andrew and Alex, had bruises by the end of it.

On Thursday the 5 to 11 year olds went to Mt Stromlo. Everyone was interested about the telescopes that were burnt down in the 2003 fires. Someone pointed out the 3D movie we watched had an incorrect fact, which was the Pluto isn’t a planet. Jocelyn Burnell also accompanied us and did a talk and answered lots of questions. Our excursion was very eventful as it included climbing trees and running races and a rather unfortunate soap fight which was started by the boys.

Not all people were there for the whole week, but those who were listened to many presentations from people who came into our class. Gabby and Liam came and told us about their trip to Africa which was both exciting and inspiring. David Liversidge came and told us about China in an awesome slide show and the 5 to 8 year olds gave us a presentation on their floating city which was full of pirate ships and submarines.

We would like to give special thanks to all teachers, parent helpers and all the kids for making it so enjoyable.

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