In this issue, as we approach George Fox’s 400th birthday,  we look back to past spiritual guides, and forward to see how our ancient testimonies can be applied to the current state of the world.

Ann Udy remembers Rufus Jones, the value of his teachings, but even more, the value of the deep silence he helped to create in meetings for worship at Haverford College in the USA.  David Swain has researched the legacy of Rudi Lemberg, both to biochemistry and to Australian Quakers. 

At a time of war, we look at the contributions made to peace building by individuals such as our Friend Harold Wilkinson, and our institutions such as Quaker United Nations Office and Quaker Service Australia.  We are called to continue to support all those working for peace, and to have faith in the Great Ocean of Light which guided George Fox.

The Young Friends of Burundi are learning more of their Quaker heritage, but also offering their own insights and seeking to forge relationships with Quakers of different backgrounds.

And we look forward to Yearly Meeting next year in Adelaide, when we will once again have the opportunity of meeting in person, and finding new friends and inspiration.

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