“Holding in the Light” is a commonly used Quaker expression which has added significance in these troubled times.  Sometime it just seems to mean “I’ll be thinking of you”, but some Friends find a much deeper and personal meaning in the words.  In this issue we have two articles giving the spiritual experiences that Holding in the Light have for some of these Friends.

We have a contribution by Tim Gee, incoming General Secretary of the Friends World Committee for Consultation.  Tim has offered to contribute more articles for future issues.  We also have two “Know thy Friend” features on wonderful Quakers.

We know Christmas is over, but it is worth looking back to it – even back two thousand years or so.  What do the Christmas stories mean in our Quaker culture?  Helen Gould has written a helpful overview.

On a far less pleasant note, we have the story of an abused woman and her escape to a better life.  Was this through God, or just “luck”?  And Peter Bennett offers a brief meditation on alienation of the soul from God.

Our late Friend Jan de Voogd has left money to set up a fund for peace activities.  In this issue we have the details of the purpose of the fund, and how to apply for money from it.

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