In this issue we feature the voices of young people. The theme in every case is the state of our environment, and their fears for the future. How are we to respond to their fears, and our own? How do we maintain hope?  What does faithful action look like at this time?

We learn from our peace activists that faithful action is not without cost, but it is also a source of inspiration.  We hear from other Friends acting faithfully to raise peace, to serve others, and combine philanthropy with justice.  Other writers confront again the problem of how to express our faith in modern language.

A Friend recently lent me a book of George Fox’s epistles.  Many are in language which is difficult for the modern reader to understand.  But one very short epistle caught my eye.  I do not know the context in which it was written, it is introduced merely as Epistle 84, To Friends in London:

There is something drawing towards you, see to it.  Take heed of the earth, and keep atop of that which will cumber the mind; and dwell in love and peace with one another.      

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