Songs for a Quaker Choir

New words by Janice Blakeney, Tasmania Regional Meeting

The Sound of Silence – Revisited

with apologies to Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

Come to Meeting with the Friends,
All are welcome to attend,
Share a vision of peace and wisdom
Seek in silence stillness keeping
Finding solace that in quiet each one claims
Within the Sound of Silence.

If in life I seem alone,
Here are Friends to walk along,
Within the circle of the Meeting,
No one lacks a cheerful greeting,
Together silent worship leads the way,
Day by day,
Amidst the Sound of Silence.

 In each encounter we can find,
That of God in everyone,
People of every nomination,
Are all are equal in affection,
Singing songs that every voice can share,
Loud and clear,
No more the Sound of Silence.

 Friends, say I, each one knows,
That in silence worship grows,
Hear the spirit softly teaching,
Take the time to go on listening,
Inspiration comes like a whisper to the soul
A light within,
In the glow of Silence.

 Quakers do not bow to pray,
Neither have they priests to pay,
Silent worship fills our seeking,
Ministry a gift worth keeping,
No words of a prophet are etched upon our walls,
Unity calls,
Dwelling in the Sound of Silence.

Amazing Place

New Earth Care Theme Lyrics to “Amazing Grace”

Traditional Hymn Originally by John Newton

Amazing place, this earth our home
Its care our destiny.
Neglect destroys living things
Is death our legacy?
Its not too late to make amends
Find courage and reprieve.
Restoring each diminished space
Where life must sacred be.
Hold in the Light this earthly task
Rewards anew we’ll see.
Steadfast our faith in stewardship
Find a place eternally.

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