QSA Notes: So many changes at QSA

Fleur Bayley, QSA Project Manager

Move from the Stanmore office

Following post-COVID changes in working habits, it has been decided to close the QSA office in Stanmore. With most staff now working part-time from home and the move to more online work, the need for a bricks-and-mortar office has declined.

So in mid-August, we completed the move out from QSA’s home of more than five years. It was a big job! With hard work and dedication, we managed to recycle or re-home most of the surplus office equipment and supplies without contributing very much to landfill. Fleur and Ai Leen set up a temporary store, and the neighbouring businesses took advantage of free furniture, stationery and office equipment.

Ai Leen at the QSA popup stationery store outside the Stanmore office

Most of the paperwork has gone to the Wahroonga meeting house for storage, pending further sorting and digitisation (there’s a wealth of QSA history in those boxes!). QSA has secured a shared workspace in North Sydney that provides a work area for individual staff should they need it and a location for meetings, training and other gatherings.

Change of address and phone numbers

We will shortly send messages to all regular donors, regional meetings, etc, to advise our new official address and contact details. In the meantime, we can be contacted at:

Phone: 0413 193 380 (Pia Reierson)

Email:  administration@qsa.org.au
Post: 59 Boundary Road, Wahroonga NSW 2076

 During the transition period over recent months, we’ve had problems with our office phone number. Our sincere apologies to those who have had problems contacting us by phone, and thanks to Jackie Perkins for continuing to field calls on her private phone.

Jessie, the office pooch, helped with the move, including taking gear to storage in Wahroonga. She’ll miss going to the office!


Pia is leaving us

Due to urgent family commitments, Pia is returning shortly to Norway, and QSA has advertised for a replacement Executive Administrator. Pia will continue to support QSA projects in India and Australia until a new project staff manager is appointed. We are sad to see her go, and we wish her well.


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