A recurring theme in this month’s issue is the need to take care of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.  The needs of the world are many, and our concerns are many.  But to tackle these concerns we need the strength to carry on, and the faith to believe we can make a difference.

The report of the creative arts weekend at Silver Wattle reminds us of the value of doing something joyful.  Bruce Henry, reflecting on the task of being Presiding Clerk, reminds us of the importance of community, especially in-person gatherings.  And Friends continue to struggle to express their sustaining experience of the Divine.

But the practical work of Quakers past and present also inspires us to continue to put our testimonies into practice.  We hear of Lilian Foxcroft and the Suffragette movement, of Aletia Dundas’ work for peace, of Ro Morrow’s work with refugees.  Felipe Oliviera writes of counselling services to combat homelessness and violence among men, and Quaker Service Australia continues to improve nutrition through permaculture and community building.  All these activities are undertaken in conjunction with like-minded friends who are members of other faith groups, or none. But to continue to play our valuable role in these fields we need to remain well grounded in the Truth.   

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